Social Distancing Signs

Help Protect Visitors and Employees with Social Distancing Signs and Graphics

Even after the current health crisis subsides, business owners and consumers alike will need to practice continued social distancing in order to prevent another wave of infections.

With CDC guidelines likely being in place for the foreseeable future, and many municipalities now requiring related signage, it is important for companies to invest in durable solutions that ensure anyone entering a facility is following physical distancing best practices.

Keep Your Staff and Customers Safe with Effective Signage

If you have a business in the Mobile, AL, region, Image360 is a locally operated graphics and displays company you can rely on to take care of all your signage needs. Our local signage specialists can help you integrate custom designs for COVID-19 signs for your business, school or other facility open to the public. Despite the health crisis we currently face, customers still need to purchase items from stores and children are returning back to school.

Social distancing is key to continue on safely and help sustain the economy. Image360 West Mobile provides custom social distancing signs and displays for schools and businesses. Our products are made to clearly display safe practices for students, staff and customers to adhere to while staying efficient for the day to day operations for your organization.

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Social Distancing Signs
Social Distancing Signs
Social Distancing Signs
Social Distancing Signs
Social Distancing Signs
Social Distancing Signs
Social Distancing Signs
Social Distancing Signs

+Why do I need social distancing signs?

Floor Graphics Help you Maintain Safety

Floor graphics from Image360 West Mobile are an excellent way to help your staff and employees maintain proper social distancing protocol. Retail and public buildings in Mobile should get directional pathways to move through a building safely. This social distancing practice minimizes the risk of close contact, and keeps things orderly. Clear displays deliberately placed on the floor offers the needed guidance to keep traffic moving the way it needs to through your building and minimizes confusion.

Vinyl floor displays from Image360 West Mobile are a fantastic solution for your business to help customers in implementing proper social distancing precautions when they're in your building.

A-Frames for Your Business

A-frame signs are an excellent option for displaying important information. You can show people that your business practices social distancing. These A-frame signs can guide your visitors and employees in the right direction, such as cleaning stations.

A-frame signs are versatile and are instrumental during this pandemic. They can be placed wherever you need and display whatever information you need to provide. For example, if you are limiting the number of people in your building, you can place one outside to designate where the line begins.

Restaurants can also benefit by using A-frames for social distancing information. Most restaurants offer to-go orders and an A-frame display can be put up to provide the information your customers need to make an order. Signage is an important tool for all businesses, and with COVID-19 still a danger, having some guidance is more critical than ever.

Window Graphics

To further your social distancing measures, Image360 West Mobile can make window graphics. Our vinyl decals can be easily put on glass, window panes or plastic and have vibrant colors that don’t fade in the sun. We highly suggest them because they help to share your building’s COVID-19 related rules. They're a good alternative to outdoor signs and displays and they put important information in a highly visible location that doesn’t take up any space.

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What are the Benefits of Teaming Up with Image360?

There are many benefits that you get when working with Image360. When you meet with our professional designers, you can be sure that your social distancing signs will match your business' characteristics and include the correct color palate, images and phrasing that are essential to you. In addition, having one company make all your social distancing signs and coronavirus information provides consistency and draws the eye of the viewer, making the information stand out. If you are in search of a reputable sign and graphic making company in in the Mobile region, turn to the pros at Image360.

Another advantage that you get when you work with us is we know what's needed and what's required! Our signage specialists are ready to help you determine how many social distancing signs you need given the industry you are in and the number of visitors that frequent your building. We also provide placement options for your signs if you're unsure about where they should go.

The design team with Image360 is proud of the work they do. Our vibrant images and concise messaging alerts the viewer to the information presented. And since we use high-quality materials, your social distancing signs are designed to withstand use and abuse. In addition, our decals and floor images have a slip-resistant layer, so they stay in place and hold up to the increased sanitation techniques you do. From floor graphics subject to foot traffic to window graphics basking in UV rays, your signs are made to last.

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We Are Your Local Signage Team

For companies in Mobile, AL, Image360 is your number one solution for quality social distancing signs. It’s crucial to have a secure place during these times and getting informative signs can be a good tool. In this changing environment, you need to convert your space to accommodate these current events. Reach out to Image360 West Mobile today to book an appointment.